Springwater Residence

Boonville, CA - Completed 2006

This is an 1,800 square foot house just outside the town of Boonville in the Anderson Valley. The Springwater family wanted a modest, durable house that took full advantage of the striking views of the valley and that catered to the outdoor living. The house was designed on two axes, the bedrooms and bathrooms lay on one axis going north and south, and the living, dining and kitchen spaces lay on another axis, at a 30 degree angle to the first. The house utilizes shed roofs, with the high points facing southward, catching the sun and the views of the valley. On this south side, embraced by both sides of the house, is a generous deck for outdoor living. A patio of recycled concrete on the north side adds a shady retreat for hot summer days.

For every dollar we spent with Verdier Architects we got twice the value, if not more. Ron listened exceptionally carefully to what we described as our dream for our new home and when he presented his work to us his design reflected our vision. Ron and Steve anticipated the needs of the project with expertise that greatly reduced the overall cost of the project.

Ron and Steve compliment each other and work extremely well as a team. Their design and construction synergy is very strong. They partnered with us to see the project through, even after their contract was completed."

—Adam Springwater