Gowan Creek Production Facility - Goldeneye Winery

Philo, CA - Completed 2009

LEED Gold Certified

This production-only winery sits next to a century-old barn on 56 acres in the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County. The winery, designed in collaboration with the winemaker, is capable of producing 60,000 cases annually and was specifically designed for the processing of Pinot Noir. The owners stressed three important elements for their vision of the new winery. The first was to borrow the aesthetic spirit of utilitarian buildings such as saw mills, grain elevators, and structures for mining operations in rural California. The second was the importance of the flow of production, and third, to create a highly energy efficient, durable building utilizing the latest technologies for high performance.

The winery has a practical simplicity of form with two large shed roofs leaning on a tall breezeway which acts as a spine running the length of the fermentation room. Exterior siding materials were chosen to contrast and complement one another in a beautiful, earthy, and utilitarian way. Redwood board and batten siding along with corrugated metal juxtapose natural vs. manufactured, warm vs. cool and, random vs. controlled.

The redwood used on this project was harvested and milled on the owner's property, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. A rainwater collection system, a solar photovoltaic array, and energy analysis tools were utilized to make the building as efficient as possible. An integrated night cooling system supplemented by an air-cooled direct expansion refrigeration system is used for temperature control in the barrel room. The building received LEED Gold Certification in 2010.

Contractor: Nordby Construction